Virus Removal Techniques

Special Case: Remove Killer Virus

Initial Symptoms:

  • Slow down of the computer
  • Computer response time too high


  • Disable the system restore on all the drives
  • Use the tool process explorer to kill killer.exe
  • Use the tool autoruns in the tabs logon to delete the entry of killer.exe, runonce, lsass.exe (they all have the same icons)
  • Remove the files (use free commander to delete them easily)
    %systemroot%\windows\smss.exe (autorun entry runonce)
    %systemroot%\documents and settings\all users\programs\startup\lsass.exe (autorun entry lsass.exe)
    %systemroot%\windows\Funny UST Scandal.exe
    %systemroot%\Funny UST Scandal.avi.exe
  • Update the antivirus program
  • Run the full scan
  • If these steps are tough then download the specific tool Download

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