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Excel School Marksheet

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This marksheet was made for a school on its necessary situation. Available for Kindergarten level (not more than 2 sections each) upto class X. The instructions on the welcome sheet should be strictly followed if it is to work properly. It can be modified to fill the necessary requirements on the sole risk of the modifier.

  • Kindergarten Level Download 7-zip 47kb
  • Primary Level (I-V) Download 7-zip 81kb
  • Secondary Level (VI-X) Download 7-zip 83kb

Excel Attendance Sheet

This attendace has been downloaded from the templates site of the Microsoft and modified heavely to fit the necessary situation. The attendace sheet is for the year 2062 B.S. To use it for the other year it has to be modified according to the date.


Download 7-zip 14kb

Simple Currency Calculator

Currency conversion Dollar, Euro, Pound, IC to NRs Screenshot


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