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Virus Removal Techniques

Special Case: Remove Folder Virus

A General Approach from Process Explorer and Free Commander

Folder Virus from the eyes of Process Explorer and Free Commander

Generally the folder virus are stubborn to be deleted and the antivirus are weak once they have already infected the system. They have already made their instances load in the system as the system starts. Therfore the first approach to delete them from the system is to unload them from the system memory that can be easily done by the Process Explorer. Here, the Folder Virus reveal themselves with their classic folder like looks under the explorer tree menu. This has to be deleted along with the running wscript.exe.

The next step is to delete the virus itself. The virus is hidden and therefore free commander will be the better option to use here, as it does not affect free commander even if the folder options and the hidden folder settings of explorer has been compromised. Navigate the free commander to the location of the folder virus, here and generally the system32 of the system disk.